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Музыка Moby анонсировал новый альбом All Visible Objects

Moby has announced his new album, All Visible Objects. It’s out March 6 via Mute. Moby also shared a new track, “Power Is Taken,” which features Dead Kennedys drummer D. H. Peligro. Check out the single and its accompanying visual below.
The proceeds from All Visible Objects will go to charity, with each individual track benefiting a different outlet. They include environmentally focused organizations (Brighter Green, the Rainforest Action Network, Extinction Rebellion) and animal welfare groups (Mer ... читать полностью

Музыка Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt (2018)

Moby выпустил новый альбом.
Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt (2018)

1. Mere Anarchy 5:15
2. The Waste of Suns 4:44
3. Like a Motherless Child 4:37
4. The Last of Goodbyes 4:23
5. The Ceremony of Innocence 3:56
6. The Tired and the Hurt 4:28
7. Welcome to Hard Times 5:08
8. The Sorrow Tree 4:28
9. Falling Rain and Light 4:46
10. The Middle is Gone 5:13
11. This Wild Darkness 4:09
12. A Dark Cloud is Coming 5:24