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Эта тема для "ризон-патчей": Combinator, Thor, SubTractor, Malstrom, а также RV7000, Scream 4 и Groove патчей. Можете выкладывать свои интересные настройки.

Prime Loops - Essential Reason Synths

Formats Reason 4 Refill (Reason 4 Only)
Contains Malstrom & Subtractor Samples/Presets

PLEASE NOTE: This Reason Refill is compatible with Reason 4+ Only.

Thor X-1 (PC MAC)

Thor X-1 is a Reason Refill for Reason 4.0 (or higher). It contains 100 patches for the Thor synthesizer, as well as 40 Combinator patches and 15 Template song files.


SB Thor Sounds [vol.1, vol.2]

Dave909 has been hard at work expanding upon the quality Thor patches he provided for us a few months ago.
In SB Thor Sounds Volume 2 he well more than doubles the number of patches to add a multitude of quality tones to bring out the best in your productions. I lost count at over 200 patches and that was just for Thor. Additionally he has thrown in many Combinator sounds to push this refill to the limit.


SB Thor Sounds vol.3

The latest update to the Thor Sounds ReFill. It brings you a wealth of sounds for Reason 4. Included are 406 Thor patches and 172 Combinators. Aimed at the modern dance producer with a diverse and up to date collection of sounds and sequences. All the patches from the previous releases were included and improved where nescerssary so version 3 replaces all previous versions.  Thor Sounds Vol.3 Contains a staggering 172 Combinators and 406 Thor patches! A varied collection of sounds suited for modern dance styles
(House, Electro, Techno, Trance, DnB, HipHop, etc, etc).


Nucleus Soundlab Pantheon

Высокопрофессионально сделанный рефилл. В основном, ТОР в патчах для комбинатора, детальный дизайн для каждого патча, удобное и мощное управление и много другого: 164 Combinators. 235 Thor patches. 28 Subtractor and Malstrom patches 9 rps demo songs.


Nucleus Soundlab Filter Research

Отличный набор эффектов для комбинатора от саунд дизайнеров Jeremy Janzen, Tom Pritchard, Nick Hutton, Shaun Wallace and Jacob Hargrave.
Dual-filter boxes, granular glitch-machines, self-vocoding devices, huge fixed-filter banks, and crossfaded formant. Присутствует подробный мануал.


Nucleus Soundlab - Ambient Space Vol. 1

Ambient Space I is focused on extremely long ambient samples. Sample lengths range from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes! Convolution, timestretching, FFT analysis, additive resynthesis and more were used in their creation. Armed with these samples, composing your next ambient opus or soundtrack will be simple. Contains 32 custom Reason 3 Combinator patches, as well as 50 NN19 patches to get you started.


Sonic Flavours Mystic Dream Pads 5

Over 130 combinator patches can be found in 8 different folders:
* Ambient * Bright * Conventional Pads * FX & Experimenta *Miscellaneous
* Old MDP Reminisence * Rhythmic * Single Finger Chords.

Mystic Dream Pads 05 for Reason 4 and up.
MDP05 has been fully dedicated to Thor and its sonic capabilities. Reminicense of old analog machines can't be denied but we wouldn't give Thor enough credit if we would put too much emphasis to this. Thor adds its very own distinctive character to our dream pads collection. And apart from being beautiful and unique this character is extremely versatile and rich. Just like its 4 predecessors MDP05 is organically consistent which means that all patches mingle very well together in your mixes. This also means that if you need to give your musical project a coherent atmosphere, MDP05 might be the perfect sound source to achieve this.


eXode - Massive Synthesis ReFill

50 патчей Combinator Instrument
2. 50 устройств Combinator Effect
3. 250 патчей Malstrm
4. 380 патчей Subtractor
5. 1000 патчей Thor
6. 70 патчей для RV7000 и Scream4

Дизайнером библиотеки MSX выступает молодой швед с псевдонимом eXode. В неё вошли как ранее изданные для свободного скачивания, так и собственные патчи музыканта.

В MSX входят следующие тематические наборы: Analogital, Control Synthesis (ранее не выпускался), Electric Bass (ранее не выпускался), Mjolnir, Moog ReFill (ранее не выпускался), Moog Tribute ReFill, Sonic Waves (ранее назывался Wave Soundscapes Vol.1 и Vol.2), Thor Padding (ранее не выпускался), Trance ReFill (ранее был выпущен на коммерческой основе), Voltage Controlled Vol.1, 2 и 3.


Sonic Reality Sonic ReFills

Sonic Reality Sonic ReFills - Vol. 1 Synths Includes a massive collection of synth sounds focused on leads, basses and misc. vintage & modern synth samples and patches for Reason's Combinator, NNXT, Mдlstrom and Subtractor modules. A great sonic resource for phat analog, searing digital, and retro rock sounds including the latest styles of electronic music all in one affordable refill package.

Sonic Reality Sonic ReFills - Vol. 1 Synths Features multisamples & patches for: Combinator, NN-XT, Subtractor, Malstrom.


Sonic Reality Volume 18: Synths 3

More than just sample libraries, Sonic Reality ReFills give Reason owners an incredible collection of expressively playable instruments suitable for just about any style of music. In fact, many are the actual instruments and patches used on top recordings. If you’re looking for sounds that you can play with incredible realism and never go out of style, check out the people that share your passion for sound and great gear—Sonic Reality. The name says it all.


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